The Grace of Witnessing a Perfect Moment

In my life, I have had perfect moments—a sunset in Jamaica with close friends, coming, unexpectedly, upon a bobcat on a hike, jamming in the Green Room with Taj Mahal, having an ex-client approach me at a party and tell me how much working with me changed her life, and, of course, a kiss I’d waited months for.

I’ve also been lucky enough to be present during other people’s perfect moments—like this one which happened when I was the lead vocalist in a wedding band during the 80’s.

The bride’s grandfather was guest of honor. He’d been a young cello player in Germany when, as a Jew, he was transported to and survived the camps. Before the wedding ceremony, the affianced vacationed in Germany, and decided to try and find her grandfather’s old home. They found his apartment and inquired whether anyone living there remembered him. They located a family that had occupied a neighboring apartment during those years. The old woman remembered the grandfather—they were kids together—and added, spontaneously, that she thought she knew who might have his cello. She was right, they were given the instrument and shipped it home.

After the ceremony, the newly married couple told the room this story as they presented him with his childhood cello. Weeping, he held it in his arms and played.

Posted: May 28, 09:47 AM in General

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