Why I decided to blog

  1. Some people have a scrap book. I have a scrap disaster. I hoard torn slips of paper with useful scribbles…in pockets, wallets, books…I need to put it all somewhere.
  2. In 23 years as a psychotherapist, I’ve treated almost every named disorder and a few that haven’t been named yet. I kept notes. I have actually treated people for as long at 17 years, so I’ve gotten to witness long term change—how long it takes, whether people can really accomplish change, who does, who doesn’t and why.
  3. I worked as consultant for companies such at Pfizer (think Viagra), and Durex (think condom). I’ve treated many people who engage in many variations of the sexual act from S&M to bondage fetishes—you name it. Meanwhile, I learned a lot about sex.
  4. For 20 years, I developed and taught workshops from Boston to Seattle on relationships. “Guerrilla Dating Tactics”, “72 Ways to Flirt”, “Lovers for Life”, “He Says, She Says” and others. Thousands of participants told me stories you might like to hear.
  5. I published 6 books, but I started to write 15. I have great chapters never printed.
  6. I intimately know about depression, social anxiety, multiple personality disorder, ADHD, bi-polar personality disorder, sexual fetishes—there’s a lot to say.
  7. I’ve been around for seven decades with a few marriages under my belt. A lot of what happened happened to me, and I’m not afraid to share it.
  8. I’ve worked as a coat check girl to a Think Tank participant for DKNY. I wrote an advice column for “Woman’s World” magazine for a few years. I was a radio host on WABC. I designed jewelry and had my own case in Barneys. I rode my bike from Astoria, OR to Crescent City, Ca by myself carrying tent and sleeping bag. I’ve had a few adventures to share.
  9. People have been telling me I should do this for years.
  10. I want to sell my next book and my publisher says I need a platform. Maybe I should make that number one.

So, if you have questions, comments, rants or raves, please bring them on to Sharyn@sharynwolfpsychotherapy.com
I can’t wait to hear from you.

Posted: Feb 21, 04:23 PM in General

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