Patient Information

Telephone Query
When you call me to consider setting up an appointment, I will be happy to offer you a free 15 minute phone consultation where you can describe the type of help you are seeking, and we can determine whether we are a good fit.

Our in-person consultation is your opportunity to speak extensively about what brings you into therapy, what problems you are having, and your personal history. When we are finished talking, you will receive a verbal assessment regarding your concerns and recommendation for treatment. An individual consultation, or the first session, is 60 minutes.

Fees and Payment
Fees depend on the type and the frequency of your treatment and are expected to be paid at the end of our session. A typical session is 45 minutes long. Couples may be best served by scheduling double sessions.
Initial Consultation: $250
Individual Session: $200
Couple/Family: $250 for a single session
Group Sessions: $80
Please ask about a sliding scale, which is available on a limited basis with demonstrated need.

Health Insurance
I am an out-of-network provider. I try to limit my work with insurance providers because this allows me more time to spend with my clients, less paperwork, and the ability to deliver a higher quality of health care. In addition, when working with insurance companies, I am required to give you a “diagnosis” in order to be paid—something I prefer not to do so that your privacy is ensured. I am happy to provide all the documentation for clients to obtain reimbursement. It is best to call your insurer to learn about their deductible and reimbursement policies as well as the number of sessions they allow in a calendar year. If we agree to work together, you are responsible for your bill.

Confidentiality and Privacy
The law protects the relationship between a client and a psychotherapist, and information cannot be disclosed without written permission.

There are exceptions: Suspected child or elder abuse, where I am bound by law to make an immediate report. If a client threatens to harm another person, I must notify the police and the intended victim. If a client intends self harm, I will make every effort to enlist their cooperation to ensure their safety. However, if this does not happen, I will act without their permission to ensure their safety.