Sex Therapy

Good sex can seem mystifying, surprising, a night of good luck. For those faced with emotional and/or physical challenges, good sex can be shattered by anxiety, disappointment, even fear. I have worked for years with individuals and couples who want to improve intimacy. In addition, this exciting, innovative collaborative program is available:

Can you or your partner identify with any of these?

  • Your body is in the bed, but your mind is somewhere else—observing
  • You think trauma or emotional problems are affecting your sex life
  • You have IMO (inhibited male orgasm), PE or erectile dysfunction
  • You’re a late bloomer, inexperienced and you don’t think you are doing it right
  • Your sexual/porn addiction has ruined real sex
  • Social Anxiety(insecurity, you hate your body, sweat) ruins intimacy
  • You’ve lost desire (whether medical or psychological)
    If you resonate with any of the above, if you push through because you fear your erection won’t last, one thing is certain; in this hard wired world you have plenty of company. Yet, if you’re still reading, a small part of you still has hope.

I’ve tried therapy 3 times. ..I’ve read books…nothing has worked

The integration of the newest neurological, scientific, physiological and psychological research has shown that many sexual problems cannot be solved by talking about them. Even if you gain insight and understanding, even if you pinpoint the causes, even if you connect all the dots, for many the fact remains:


Because the problem isn’t stored in the thinking part of your brain.
If we could think our way out of big problems, no one would have any. Yes, talking is part of the solution. Talking will teach you about what is going on in your brain, how it triggers you and how to become attuned to your body, and you will need all three.

How is this approach different?

Rebecca ( ) and Sharyn spent more than a year brainstorming ways to integrate their decades of experience, ancient wisdom and recent scientific discoveries to bring about sexual well-being. They created a program based on all of the above: A three-person model where your commitment is an essential requirement.

In 12 weeks you will learn:

  • A more relaxed and relaxing relationship with your body where you take charge
  • Natural, organic responses, even if you haven’t had them for decades
  • Hope where you once felt hopeless

Many, who thought they’d come to the end of the line, who saw this as a last resort, have been helped.

How long will this take?
While it is true that we are each unique in our histories, our learning style, and our pacing, the program offers definitive turning points that fit most.

The First 4 Weeks : This is Boot Camp where you learn, absorb and adapt the basics—new ways of experiencing your body and regarding how it is working. You will meet separately with Rebecca and Sharyn in their respective spaces, building rapport and trust. You will soon feel that you are “gotten.” Rebecca’s website describes how this time is spent. With Sharyn, though it sounds daunting, many clients actually find relief in doing a complete assessment. You will be deconstructing your physical/family history, relational dynamics, Attachment Theory, Brain Science, Mind/Body awareness, and the stories you bring in including, most importantly, any trauma you’ve experienced. Some patients have suggested she’s a mind reader because she seems to understand a lifetime from a few details.

The Second 4 weeks :
Rebecca’s web-site, details how the two of you will be using the new behaviors you have learned with increasingly intimate touch as you replace your habitual default tendencies with a new awareness of what works for you. Her confidence and calm presence will support your confidence and calm presence. Without fear of judgment, without anxiety, without self consciousness, you will soon imagine yourself outside her office, bringing what you know into experiences of your own.

With Sharyn, your course will vary, depending on where you are. However, you won’t be on long archaeological digs repeating the stories you’ve told over and over again, unless you want to. Through deep relaxation, mild hypnosis, bi-lateral stimulation and somatic experiencing (which allows your body and your past to tell you what they need), you will target your negative beliefs about yourself that are held deep in your brain and you will use these methods to actually loosen and begin to override them with new optimal neural networks that you will build out of your learning, repeating and integration. You will begin to experience Brain Change.

The Last 4 Weeks : With Rebecca, you will fine-tune your tools as you focus on your specific issues. The two of you will work through the last of any blocks, practicing, as you polish skills in a zone of a relaxed confidence. With Sharyn, you will be installing more positive changes into your brain—permanently. Science has proven this is possible over and over again. And, if your situation is complicated and you have other areas you wish to explore, you can decide, if you want, to do that.

How much does it cost?

  1. The first step is a free 15 minute phone consultation with each practitioner where you can describe your needs in full and ask questions. It is best if you prepare in advance and use your time well. With great honesty, Rebecca and Sharyn will determine if their program will work for you, and they will tell you truthfully if they do not see you as a candidate at this time. They have absolutely no interest in taking someone on who cannot benefit for any reason.
  2. The cost of the program is $4,320 with a payment plan of $1,440 paid at the first, fifth and ninth sessions. Any four individual sessions must be utilized within two months from the day of payment. It is important to do your best to work with Rebecca and Sharyn in sync.
  3. There are no refunds.

A Final Note : Some candidates may discover that they need more time. If you are a late bloomer or a person who moves forward slowly, you will know this by your 8th session. At that time, we can consider options and make decisions about what to do. Most importantly, you will know exactly where you are long before the program is over.