What I Do

My approach has gone through many stages in twenty-eight years. I have had the great fortune, over time, to witness the long term changes my clients have made in their lives. While treatment is tailored to each clients’ needs, I honor the alliance of trust and the collaborative spirit that builds as we explore confusing thoughts, complicated feelings and behavioral patterns—and, perhaps, excavate unconscious material. Our mutual goal is harness those ‘aha’ moments so they can generate the energy that leads to healing, creative flow and a profound sense of safety.

TRAUMA, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, CONFLICT: After 9/11 I worked closely with survivors and families. I have always treated individuals with trauma, continuing my education to keep up with the amazing developments in Brain Science, mind/body work and Attachment Theory. A detailed history of physical ailments can take us to surprising places. G.I. distress may lead us back to an early traumatic injury that has not been processed. Sore legs may reveal that you don’t have a leg to stand on. Back pain may refer to a burden that is too heavy to bear. For PTSD as well as whatever challenges you may be facing, I have integrated mindful breathing, meditative stillness, hypnotherapy and techniques that foster brain integration as essential elements on the path to wellness. It is thrilling to witness neurological changes that stimulate and reinforce new, adaptive behaviors.

COUPLES: I have treated hundreds of couples (any two people in a committed relationship), and I’ve published five ‘relationship’ books with Penguin/Putnam that have been translated into eight languages. Most couples benefit by the fourth session. CNN, Oprah, Time, The Wall Street Journal and many, many more have sought out my opinions about finding and keeping love.

GROUP: For me, group therapy is pure joy (and hard work). I have led groups for more than 30 years from Boston to San Francisco, and I look forward to the ongoing groups in my private practice. This is the place to observe your behavior, to learn how you come across to others and to consider how your behavior makes you feel about yourself. Then, safely, you can tinker if you want and try something new. Some of my patients say these groups are life changing.

SINGLES: I created and led workshops for single adults for more than 20 years as well as having written, “Guerrilla Dating Tactics” which has sold more than 250,000 copies. Flirting, dating, social anxiety—I work with people on what goes right and what goes wrong.

For Adults:
Psychological consultation and referral

For Adolescents:
Individual Psychotherapy, family Psychotherapy and parental guidance

For mental health and primary care practitioners:
Second opinions and clinical consultation by case

For Corporations:
I have worked with Hewlett Packard, DKNY, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble to name a few offering individual and organizational consultations

  • Executive Coaching — speaking, leadership, strategy & negotiation
  • Group Work after a crisis

19 West 69th St, #804
New York NY 10023
646 369-2989